Christian de Botton


100 VanNess


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  • Flux
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    A site built on Craft for a real-estate client based in San Francisco. The front end has to interactive components built on top of React and vanilla Flux. One integrates with an API built on top of the CMS, and the other, a SOAP based .NET API that is proxied through a custom Craft Plugin.

    React, Google Maps, and Craft

    The neighborhood module pulls data from Google Maps and merges it with location information stored within the CMS, prioritizing locations and businesses of interest that are valuable to potential clients. Data on the front end is managed through an vanilla Flux implementation using the official Facebook dispatcher module.

    Third Party Vendor Integrations

    Data sometimes comes from sources that don't directly interface with modern PHP and JavaScript frameworks. I wrote a plugin for Craft, which follows the MVC pattern abstraction that the Yii framework is built on, that uses SOAP to interface with a .NET API for listing unit sale information. This was all filtered into Flux stores, which the component tree re-rendered as the Residences module. The module's components are largely written as SVG documents.