Christian de Botton




  • Client
  • Web
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • JavaScript
  • Backbone

A social network for the film industry. The application was built on top of Laravel as a backend, Backbone with a heavy layer of custom abstractions for the front end. Users can create profiles, upload different types of media, and connect with other users.

User Profiles with Inline Editing

By toggling the edit mode while viewing their profile, users can change every detail that displays and set privacy levels determining who can see each piece of content.  All of this functionality lives on the profile page which is written as a single page Backbone application. Because of the complexity involved in nesting components, I wrote a view render layer on top of Handlebars that allowed nested views to be instantiated declaratively rather than imperatively. The execution was largely modeled after the functionality of Ember and its templating first approach at the time.

Media Management

In addition to managing their profiles, users can also create digital portfolios consisting of image galleries, video clips and trailers, as well as screenplays. Media can be password protected and shared with specific users, and administrative roles can be set by the content creators, allowing others to edit shared media experiences.