Christian de Botton


React Redux Universal Starter Kit


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  • Node

A quickstart for building React applications. I found myself rewriting the same bootstrap for myself at work and on personal projects, and figured other developers might be interested in using my setup as well. The project has seen some mild success, since received over 160 stars on Github, and being noticed by developers such as Dan Abramov, creator of the Redux library.

A Quick Start for React

This repository largely exists as an example of how to structure applications that are built on top of the React ecosystem. React Universal is built on top of React, Redux, and Koa, with asset bundling handled by Webpack.

I've made no assumptions as to how the data layer should be incorporated, the end user can plug in whatever method of data aggregation that they please, and will always be able to have an application which is rendered isomorphically, or identically by the server and by the client.

Included but inactive, GraphQL schema can be consumed and processed for Babel and Relay, however, it was written in Babel 5, and an original developer release of Relay. Once Relay has stabilized and we figure out how to either handle local state with Relay or for Relay and Redux to work together, I will update this repository.