Christian de Botton


Samsung Connected Series


  • Client
  • Experimental
  • Web
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Flux
  • API
  • Tumblr

    Our Connected Series App for Samsung uses Tumblr the Tumblr API as a simple Content Management System. The purpose was to simply showcase the work of a handful of filmmakers, and create an environment where users could respond with their own content.

    The React Stack

    The Connected Series microsite was built on top of React and Alt (Flux). A custom API layer was written to communicate with the Tumblr API, preforming various data transforms to make more complex queries for content. Structurally, this project is an iteration on the work done for the Olympics, where we created a similar Tumblr for competitors in the Youth Olympics.

    A Fast and Seamless Experience

    Relying on such a complex stack often comes from one common concern, the ability to create a seamless and snappy experience where the user never feels like he or she is waiting for content. A nav that toggles between active and inactive states persists throughout, allowing users to easily get from any point in the microsite to any other point. Parts of the API are prefetched and cached to ensure that the end-user is never left waiting.